• Donner Blxen

    Donner, Blixen, a Moose & Elk Dashing through the Snow #PHLSHOP

  • Happy Holidays Sailer's Greenhouse

    Happy Holidays, Sailer's Greenhouse

  • Tis the Season

    Tis the Season: Spruce Wreaths at Sailer's, Shakopee, MN

  • Sailer's Happy Holidays

    Holiday Greens from Sailer's Greenhouse, Shakopee MN

  • JJ's Honey Pecan Pork Chops

    Honey Pecan Pork Chops at JJ's Coffee + Wine Bistro: Eden Prairie


    CTC: Children's Theater Company Production of the GRINCH to Jan 4, 2015

  • Fireplace

    Time to Chop Wood: Green Acres, Eden Prairie, MN

  • Media Night at the Ordway Rice Park

    Rice Park St. Paul, Media Night at the Ordway

  • Ordway Christmas Story

    Ordway's Christmas Story, The Musical - Nov 29  to Dec 28, 2014

  • Gingerbread City

    Gingerbread City: Bearpath Country Club, Eden Prairie, MN

  • JJ's Caprese Salad

    Caprese Salad: JJ's Coffee + Wine Bistro, Eden Prairie

  • Shop Baby


  • Misfit Acres: forever home for horses

    Meet Faith: resident Misfit Acres forever home for horses

  • Sailer's Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays from Sailer's Greenhouse, Shakopee MN

  • Misfit Acres
  • Green Acres Barn Weddings

    Green Acres: Knot Wedding Guide Top Pick for 2015, photo by Spicy Meatball Photography

  • Journey Throws

    The PLAIDS ARE HERE: Meet Johnny, Jameson, & Jack: Journey's New Sherpa Fleece Throws 


  • Wrangle Wrap Hooded Blankets

    They're Back: Wrangle Wrap Hooded Blankets: CHEETAH, ZEBRA, FAWN, TIGER, SNOW LEOPARD #PHLSHOP



Minnesota Food...


 JJ's Coffee + Wine Bistro

JJ's makes the perfect first impression: cozy niche banquettes, pub tables with leather chairs, bar seating, indoor-outdoor dining, and a brick and stone fireplace that greets you at the door. With great service and a top-notch menu, JJ's goes a step further by specializing in custom drinks, six terrific microbrews on tap and their own line of coffees. JJ's is open Monday through Friday from 6am to 10pm and brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 1pm.



Remarkable Women...


MN State Rep Yvonne Selcer  

Minnesota State Representative Yvonne Selcer (D) SD48A won her reelection this November in a recount, which was ultimately resolved in her favor. Selcer will return to the State Capitol in January to continue representing her district. Yvonne's upcoming town hall listening session will be held on Saturday, January 10th from 10:30-11:30 at the Glen Lake Activity Center, at 14350 Excelsior Boulevard. Her goal is to provide an opportunity for community members to express their priorities for the next legislative session. Representative Selcer shares her thoughts about the election and the future...



Minnesota Communities...


101/61 Southwest Reconstruction

Reconstruction of County Road 101 and Hwy 61 through Shakopee and Chanhassen is underway. The project includes a new bridge to be constructed over the 100 year old floodplain and across the Minnesota River, a roundabout across the Y intersection between County Road 101 and Hwy 61, and a multi-use trail that will connect to regional trails and a roundabout and a "wye" and additional improvements on Hwy 61.



Home and Garden...



It's no crock! About 15,000 years ago hunter gatherers caught on to cooking in a pot, which allowed them to process and consume food in a totally different way. The wayfaring lifestyle, foraging for sustenance, would have made it a real back breaker to trek thousands of miles with additional trappings – so cook ware would not have made the odyssey in search of food. Climate change is attributed to altering the nomadic lifestyle, changing the way food was collected, cultivated and prepared. Enter the prehistoric pot, forerunner to the vessel, the receptacle, the saucepan, the crock..



Places to Go...


Gingerbread Town, New Ulm, MN

Marzipan, Stollen, Glockenspiels, and Lebkuchen, the original Gingerbread, were brought to the U.S. and especially New Ulm, Minnesota by our German ancestors, whose culture, food and "freethinking" became a part of the mid-western heritage. New Ulm is worth a week-end trip or day-trip to see the 120-year-old stamped tin ceiling at the B & L Bar, where you can sing German drinking songs, "Zicke zacke zicke zacke heu heu heu," and sample the cookies at Domeier's German Store, including "anise-flavored pfeffernusse; gingerbread-like lebkuchen; spekulatius, a spicy butter cookie with pressed images, and stolen."



Minnesota Happenings...


Out-state Strategy

On the heels of a state-wide balanced budget, surplus and job increases, out-state Minnesotans wanted property tax relief, broadband expansion, jobs, economic development and support for farmers and families. And that's just what they got with the help of businessman and farm owner Representative Greg Davids (R) District 28B, two Democrats in the Minnesota House and one Democratic Senator Rod Skoe (DFL) District 02, all sponsored HF 3167.



Things to Do...


Misfit Acres: forever farm for horses

Misfit Acres Inc. is a 501-c-3 horse sanctuary and rescue located in southern Minnesota. Like the island of Misfit toys in the classic tale "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" un-wanted horses are spared from neglect or disposal in this real-to-life story tale refuge for horses. Misfit Acres is now home to ten horses.




Minnesota Grown...


North Folk Winery

Welcome to the Vinsted

Mike and Ann Tessneer, local winemakers in northeast Minnesota, started North Folk Winery 13 years ago. They began by plucking crab apples right off the trees in their backyard, and later experimented with rhubarb and eventually berry combinations. In the tradition of local vintners like Elmer Swenson, who cultivated cold climate grapes in the 1940s, the Tessneers began making wine from grapes that survive in northern climates.




14 Days Till Xmas: Delivery's the Game

For a kid it's a tradition-buster to think their Christmas presents have been drop shipped by third party carriers, not hoisted down a chimney flue on Santa's back. And the knowledge that U.S. Army logistics personnel, not elves in green tights, oversee the movement of Dino Robots and Magna-Tiles® Building Sets from shipping ports to manufacturers' or wholesalers' warehouses, would make Christmas less magical.






JJ's Coffee + Wine Bistro Eden Prairie, MN. Best EP destination for cozy ambiance, luscious food and drinks like the Carlisle Isle Margarita...




Out and About...



The Ordway's lobby on Media Night. "A Christmas Story, The Musical, " playing until Dec 28th. Must see production, hilarious and nostalgic 50s retelling.



Happening Now...  



Santa's Elf (unedited) taking care of the reindeer at the Cummins Grill House North Pole Experience, week-end before Christmas.