• EP Community Gardens

    Rick Swindlehurst tending an Eden Prairie Community Garden plot

  • Wrapping & a Rolling Caprese

    Wrapping & a Rolling: Grilled Caprese Tomato Basil Wrap

  • “Sing-a-Long-a Grease” July 30-31

    Ordway: "Sing-a-Long-a Grease" July 30-31

  • How does your garden grow? Up

    How does your garden grow? Up! Eden Prairie Community Gardens

  • Terrine

    Wild Mushroom & Epinard Turkey Veal Terrine

  • Wrapping & a Rolling

    Wrapping & a Rolling: Summer Eats #PHLFOOD

  • Lunch in the Garden: Happy Memorial Day

    Gardening break: greens, blueberries, strawberries, prosciutto wrapped dates & champagne strawberry dressing

  • Rolling & a Wrapping

    Rolling & a Wrapping: Summer #PHLFOOD

  • Summer Pie 2014

    Cherry, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry Pie with Cranberry Nut Crust

  • Broadway Song Book

    Ordway: Broadway Songbook The First 100 Years of Broadway

    Aug 7 - 10

  • Molly Hendrickson EP Intern Parks & Rec

    Eden Prairie, Forest Management/ Parks & Recreation Intern, Molly Hendrickson

  • Ordway Summer Dance Series

     Ordway Summer Dance Series Rice Park, St. Paul

    Photo Credit: Leah Muntz

  • Lobster

    Lemongrass Infused Grilled Lobster & Peaches

  • Riley Creek Conservation Area

    Riley Creek Woods Conservation Area, Eden Prairie, MN

  • Lake/Beach: 2014

    At the Lake/Home: Summer 2014 #PHLSHOP


  • Seussical  CTC Cat in the Hat

    Suessical: CTC: Cat in the Hat, photo by Dan Norman- Featuring Elise Langer & Douglas Neithercott



Minnesota Food...


 Wrapping & a Rolling

For a bun, white-bread, cold-cuts and cheese obsessed nation, wraps lend themselves to more healthy eating, not because a wrap itself is necessarily more healthy, but because the ingredients you put inside can be. For example have you ever heard of a Beet & Red Onion, Squash Blossom & Carrot, or a Zucchini & Green Tomato Wrap? Probably not.



Remarkable Women...


Nancy Minion

Nancy Minion, co-founder of Second Chance Animal Rescue, turned her advocacy for animals into a law that makes sure all dog and cat breeders treat animals humanely. Under the new law, which Governor Dayton signed in May, dog and cat breeders of ten animals or more who produce more than five litters a year would be deemed a commercial breeder and thus subject to licensing and inspection.



Minnesota Communities...


LRT Gets Green Light

The LRT Corridor Management Committee Green Lights LRT. Final comments from committee members reflected the desire and need to think of the project in terms of regional transportation, rather than just a community project. In other words, every community is getting something they don't necessarily like. The consensus among the majority of the commission members is that the project is a game-changer and if not done now our region would lose the kind of multi-modal mobility which creates jobs and boosts the economy.



Home and Garden...


Eden Prairie Community Gardens

Finally, it's that time of year again, the inklings of a summer salad grown by local gardeners. A labor of love that starts by watering and tending garden plots once the ground is warm enough, sometime in May. Rick Swindlehurst is growing vegetables for his daughter at the Eden Prairie Community Garden, right off Pioneer Trail in Eden Prairie. What's growing? String beans, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, zucchini, squash, berries-all-kinds and more..



Places to Go...


Boating: Happiness and Freedom

We all know about those grumpy old men fish stories, but what about the boat? There's a Grumpy Old Men fishing tournament, adding to its popularity there's a fishing pole named after it. What else can you do out in the middle of a lake in a tiny boat, other than fish? Tell fish jokes. Of course no need for a boat when it's thirty degrees below zero. Then there's Sven and Ole, a ficticious duo, whose creation resulted in more fishing jokes, seemingly Minnesota bred. Again, no boat. There are actually lots of bad jokes about fishing, but not boats. And Sven and Ole, they've become legendary Minnesota folk heroes, even got a nod from Garrison Keillor. 



Minnesota Politics...


Simon Wins DFL Sec of State Bid

NEWS FLASH: MN State Representative Steve Simon won the DFL Endorsement for Minnesota Secretary of State at the Convention in Duluth on Saturday, May 31st. In his campaign for Secretary of Simon’s theme echoes the success of his predecessor, Mark Ritchie, to work on behalf of all Minnesotans.

Simon believes that "every voice matters, every vote matters.” Steve was a leader in the 2012 effort to defeat the “photo ID” constitutional amendment, which would have disenfranchised voters.



Things to Do...


Riley Creek Woods Conservation Area

As if it's not enough just to take-it-all-in visually, there's the scent of damp earth, fresh air, the perfume of fresh water, intermingling with the sweetness of herbaceous local flora: trees and plants, the bitterness of decomposition, and the knowledge that wooly mammoths roamed there.




Minnesota Grown...


North Folk Winery

Welcome to the Vinsted

Mike and Ann Tessneer, local winemakers in northeast Minnesota, started North Folk Winery 13 years ago. They began by plucking crab apples right off the trees in their backyard, and later experimented with rhubarb and eventually berry combinations.

In the tradition of local vintners like Elmer Swenson, who cultivated cold climate grapes in the 1940s, the Tessneers began making wine from grapes that survive in northern climates.




Down to the Line

Down-to-the-line: “We dither at our peril” LRT/SWLRT: Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin says recommendations will come April 2, with public input and final decision making to follow. At this point-in-time the LRT project is long overdue and over budget. Much of this is due to the freight and Kenilworth hold-ups that have stymied progress. The project budget estimation in October of 2013 was $1.553 Billion.