Places to Go...

Eye Sore: Flying Cloud Drive

The section of Flying Cloud Drive (Hwy 61) from Charlson to HWY 100 (excluding LIons Tap): is it an eye sore, a scenic byway that abuts the Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge, a tire and vehicle dump or home to deteriorating road-side signs? Try to find this section of the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Highways and you'll be unsuccessful, because it's not there. There is no identifying sign and no official designation for the area. And these images below explain why.

The Vieux Carre: The French Quarter

Reading about it, seeing it on YouTube or on television doesn’t give the French Quarter its due. You have to be there and walk it, because it is the largest, most walkable and best-preserved district of 19th century architecture in an American city. And walkability is what the country is trying to get back to. After visiting this summer the French Quarter warrants high ratings for walkability, friendliness, superb customer service, great food and an amazing vibe. Remarkable for its architiectual preservation, The French Quarter is a mix of Creole, French, Spanish, Entresol Houses and American style townhouses. 

Elections: Register to Vote, VOTE

Every election is important, but 2016 may be one of the most important elections our country has ever had. Most people agree that issues related to the environment, women's rights, immigration, health care, education, criminal justice, privacy and data security, religion and social issues are critical to the health of our nation. You can find a compendium of all these and where the Presidential candidates stand on them at FiveThirtyEight.