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 LocallyLaid Eggs

CLUCK CLUCK: we know you've just been walking on eggs for #PHL's Q & A on @LocallyLaidEggs. Have you brushed up on your egg idioms, egg-speak? In an eggshell, we know the first question that comes to mind: which came first, the chicken or the egg? It's still a hard egg to crack after centuries of disagreement, but the scientific community says a proto-type egg came first, of course from a non-chicken ancestor. To end what has been a vicious circle problem you really can't lay an egg on scientific consensus.

 True to your Roots

Not every root vegetable is called a true root, but the Carrot, Beet, Rutabaga,Turnip, Parsnip are for two reasons. One, they grow underground. Two, they actually do what their name implies and channel sustenance and water from the earth to the plant. Root vegetables are packed with essential nutrients, and are easily stored for long periods of time. The root cellar, or less known "spring house" were precursors to the refrigerator, keeping winter/summer vegetables fresh underground or inside the cool bubbling water of a house built over a spring, before electricity and Freon coolants.  

Building Salads with Local Food

Fresh local farm grown food is far superior to what you can buy at the grocer, still pershishable though. So keeping it fresh has everything to do with how its stored, and the dos and don'ts to retain freshness run the gamut from don't store in plastic, to do store in open containers, in a paper bag with an apple inside for avocados, a bowl of water with plastic wrap cover for asparagus, air tight containers with a wet paper towel for basil, there's a long list of time consuming steps.