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Hopkins Antique Mall

Are you just an appreciator or a packrat or just into history for sale? Whichever, you will love this den of antiquity; it’s a yellow brick road of rare finds, a collector’s dream-come-true, a history nut’s palace. The Hopkins Antique Mall is all those things and more. Owned, loved, collected, and then sold to someone else: there is a cycle of ownership. Intriguingly, the first owner may not derive the greatest pleasure, because subsequent owners are purchasing more than just things, but history too.

Scents: cones, burners, sticks, cabins

Scent is an integral part of the way humans sense the world, boosting our immune system and sensing pleasure or fear. Scents conjure both pleasant and unhappy memories, can relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Every herb, flower and many plants have their own particular scent which can relax you or increase your energy. Scent in the home can create an atmosphere of a summer garden or a wooded landscape.

2016 Spring Cleaning is on

It’s not exactly an activity we’d choose over the Holiday break, a week-end cleaning indoors? Most of us would much rather spend more time out-doors. A trip where it's not snowing would surely be preferable to mopping and dusting. Some of us tend to put off cleaning, but it's probably not the best option because dirt and dust do continue to accumulate and that means?  A toxic build-up inside your house brought in from outside: a mix of chemicals that we actually bring in on clothes and shoes.