Erik Paulsen said Trump's a Wild Card

Update: Paulsen says "Trump is a wild card," a person whose influence is unpredictable or whose qualities are uncertain, nevertheless he's voting for him anyway, because Paulsen says the Supreme Court is on the line. He said that in 2016 before the election. In a taped session of a Republican State fundraiser in June of 2016, Paulsen pitched support for Trump and Republicans, particularly on a state level, because he says on a national level making laws takes so long. in 2017 Paulsen votes 98% in line with Trump.


Update 8-19-16- Privately in June, Erik Paulsen told other Republicans at a fundraiser that they had to vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court, contrary to what he has said consistently in public. This is corroborated by his non-committal stance at the Chamber debate with Terri Bonoff August 17. Paulsen was asked many times if he would support Trump and he side-stepped by saying Trump would have to earn his vote. Erik Paulsen is lying to his constituents because he knows many solid Republicans will not vote for him if he supports Trump.


This statement on its face, that making laws in Congress takes so long, is incredibly one-sided coming from a Republican, who along with his other Republican legislators, consistently impedes the process by blocking, obstructing, shutting down government, spending taxpayer money conducting witch hunts, and refusing up or down votes on appointees. The list is long and ugly. Obviously, these are just some of the reasons Congress has the lowest approval rating historically. 

As voters this should be on your things to do list: look at the Congressional record and Paulsen's votes to see why Republicans accomplished very little in the 114th Congress for the benefit of middle class Americans and the Military.


1. Zero GOP job bills passed in the 114th Congress First 18 days in office

2. Increased deficit by $610.7 billion dollars by passing more permanent tax cuts for the rich/corportations while voting to raise taxes on middle class families with children

3. 99% of House GOP voted to allow predatory lenders on military bases

4. 100%  of House Republicans who voted  to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act.

5. 99% of GOP voted against bringing Help Hire Our Heroes Act to the floor for a vote which would have provided training resources for vets seeking good paying jobs

6. 2.9 Million jobs be destroyed under the House GOP FY 2016 Budget

7. 99 Percent of House Republicans voted against allowing a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act – a bill to ensure equal pay for equal work.


In the taped session below, which took place at a Republican State Fundraiser in June, are some of Paulsen's remarks. 1:58 Introduction of Paulsen; 2:30 joked about his Democratic opponent Terri Bonoff; 4:54 Trump is a wild card statement; 5:04 must vote for Trump to gain Supreme Court Justices; 7:29 depending on local legislators to spur growth.




Update Ocotber 2017- Paulsen now votes 98% in line with Trump