Eye Sore: Flying Cloud Drive

The section of Flying Cloud Drive (Hwy 61) from Charlson to HWY 100 (excluding LIons Tap): is it an eye sore, a scenic byway that abuts the Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge, a tire and vehicle dump or home to deteriorating road-side signs? Try to find this section of the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Highways and you'll be unsuccessful, because it's not there. There is no identifying sign and no official designation for the area. And these images below explain why.

This section of the 212, Flying Cloud Drive, which abuts Eden Prairie and Chanhassen, should be designated as the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway.  What we have now is a Minnesota National Wildlife Reguge which abuts a Flying Cloud Drive cluttered with deteriorating road signs, a vehicle dump and a Bates look-alike motel. All of which do nothing to enhance the beauty of what Thoreau referred to as a primeval forest.



These are areas of concern that impact the community that are of particular importance to those of us who live near the Minnesota River Valley and all who use the RTA (Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area) as a recreational venue.


1) There should be a pedestrian friendly and safe crossing from RTA to the Wildlife Refuge.


2) The culvert or pipe through which the RTA spring fed stream flows through should be evaluated and changed if needed to comply with state environmental law.


3) The derelict auto junk yard to the west of RTA should become an issue.


4) A wide and safe bike lane from Charlson or from Spring Road to Highway 101 should be considered.  It could link to the regional trail just a bit up the hill on 101.


5) Slower speed limits should be considered on HWY 212





County Road 61/Flying Cloud Drive Reconstruction Project Open House Meeting

Date: 8/14/2013 5 PM - 7 PM

Location: City Center Heritage Rooms

8080 Mitchell Road

Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344

You are invited to attend a Public Informational Meeting for the proposed reconstruction of Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) from Highway 101 in Chanhassen to Charlson Road in Eden Prairie. The purpose of this meeting is to inform residents and property owners of the project details, including the proposed improvements and schedule, and to gather input from the residents, property owners, and the community on the proposed projects.




Eden Prairie's Temporary Sign to let people know about the meeting on the 14th of August

Staff from Hennepin and Carver Counties and the Cities of Eden Prairie and Chanhassen will be available to  he project and answer questions. The meeting will be an open house format with no formal presentation; arrive at your leisure.


Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013

5-7 p.m.

City of Eden Prairie

City Center Heritage Rooms- Open House

8080 Mitchell Road





Waiting to speak with the city's Communication Department. But it seems as if the project includes widening the highway to 2 lanes in each direction, adding a walking trail on the north side, which is not the river side and adding safety zones. More details soon...



Which of these pictures look a National Wildlife Refuge, a scenic byway, to you?


Hennepin County's Links to the Project..What we see are replacements of a storm sewer and sanitary sewer and no mention of other upgrades at second link.




As part of the Carver County's reconstruction related to 101/61 there will be "construction of an approximate four-lane, 4100-foot long bridge over the floodplain north of the Minnesota River channel, bike trail, a roundabout at the “Y”, and additional improvements along County Hwy 61. The bridge and roundabout will be constructed to allow Hwy 101 traffic across the floodplain during construction. Road and bridge design are underway. Most of the environmental studies have been complete, and the Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) is available online. Cost estimates are being continually refined as additional design and soils investigations are completed."