Erik Paulsen said Trump's a Wild Card

Update: Paulsen says "Trump is a wild card," a person whose influence is unpredictable or whose qualities are uncertain, nevertheless he's voting for him anyway, because Paulsen says the Supreme Court is on the line. He said that in 2016 before the election. In a taped session of a Republican State fundraiser in June of 2016, Paulsen pitched support for Trump and Republicans, particularly on a state level, because he says on a national level making laws takes so long. in 2017 Paulsen votes 98% in line with Trump.

Greenline Extension Vanguard Project

Washington dubs METRO Green Line Extension (Southwest LRT Project) a vanguard project and intends to pay for half of the project's construction costs. In early February the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reevaluated the Southwest LRT Project giving it a medium high rating compared to an earlier medium rating in 2011. LRT project ratings are used to prioritize funding. Also in early February of this year, President Obama included $150 million for the project in his fiscal year 2016 budget which would be a first installment of the anticipated federal share of $827 million for the $1.65 billion project.

PROP: People Helping People

Bring joy to children and seniors in our community this holiday season through PROP’s Holiday Gift Program. Prop invites you to sponsor a child or senior citizen and choose a special gift from his or her wish list. You can make a difference for 900 children and senior citizens in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen. Holiday giving at Prop is a wonderful way to give back to the community you live in.