Are we so different?

The Science Museum of Minnesota's presentation on Race, "Are we so different," comes at a time when our understanding of our differences still remains an ongoing discussion. Though these differences are real in the sense that there are cultural, social and scientific reasons that substantiate them, they remain as a cause to opress and discriminate. There are tools for educators and related academic experiences for visitors to the museum.

The ways in which we experience race by separating out our physical differences is historically new according to the Science Museum of Minnesota, only just hundreds of years old. Understanding what makes up those differences is not easily understood because no one gene or set of genes support the idea of race. An exploration of our environment, our everyday experiences about race and what we are exposed to in the media, at school, at workplaces, and all aspects of our daily lives, affects how we see ourselves and others.

The Minnesota Museum of Science Interactive is included with Museum admission. Learn more at this link .

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