Things to Do...

Bakken Museum

Bakken Museum: "Grounded in the past, Wired for the Future.." at the Bakken there are things to do for every kid, from building robots, creating art-work that utilizes a form of green energy, to the "Passport to Invention Program," field trips and science work-shops. Find out about the Bakken's "Gadgetorium" and the "Meet the Makers Program."

Internet Scams and Sleuths

Which finagler, impersonator, dating internet swindler, twishing or phishing con is in the act of scamming you right now? I can bet you they are, without you even realizing it. Like me, you probably never thought it could happen to you, in so many ways and so often. I didn't. Read up, so you can have a safer online experience. Remember, in the long run it will be much less expensive.

Elections: Register to Vote

Every election is important, but 2016 may be one of the most important elections our country has ever had. Most people agree that issues related to the environment, women's rights, immigration, health care, education, criminal justice, privacy and data security, religion and social issues are critical to the health of our nation. You can find a compendium of all these and where the Presidential candidates stand on them at FiveThirtyEight.